An open letter to Glastonbury, from a victim.

18 Jul

This is worth a read to show the good humans can do after the shot they can put people through


Dear The Eavis family, and all who make Glastonbury happen,

So I write a lot of letters, but I promise this one will be worth reading – stick with it. This isn’t complaining about the crowds or the headliners, or telling the world how life changing the week was for me to provoke envy inducing angry faces all over Facebook. This is a story about a girl who contacted a giant festival who cater for hundreds of thousands with a request for help and was met with compassion, love and overwhelming acts of kindness.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Glastonbury for the first year ever, with a group of friends who were equally as excited as I was – WhatsApp groups sharing outfits and line up rumours sprung up within minutes of receiving the golden tickets, and June 2017 could not come soon enough.

Unfortunately for me…

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The surprise Pt 1

20 Sep

The envelope appeared…the warning New Mail flashed up. A distraction from the interminable sheets of figures and the nagging of colleagues wanting instant answers to questions they had asked umpteen times before.

Hi have you forgotten me?

(Should I have? flitted through his mind before returning to see what else was said although the temptation to delete was uppermost in his mind.)

The message continued

“It has been a while but hope all is well. Liking your posts and you may find me more open and personable than before.”

Wooow there you have been following and watching and we have met?

“Your name gives little away…who are you that follows me and knows me from before?”

Hitting send he instantly thought it read a bit sharp but little would be lost if I never hear anything.

Back to the figures. The new teams had upset over achievement but were an improvement on the month before. One or two needed…

New mail

I guess I deserved that. Let me explain…” Here we go

I left you asleep in my bed after out latest session. You did what I loved but you weren’t the one – I thought.”

Where is this going…I don’t recognize you from your address.

“I wanted someone else. I told you but didn’t believe it myself. He was less healthy fit…he was shorter, he had a beard and I didn’t see often but I wanted him and after you had taken me I went to him.”

Well that’s nice.

He took me…used me…abused me and I went for more. He left me raw and threw me out when he had finished. I was confused and went to find you in my room. You had gone. The bed still messed with our love making. And I wept.

We passed each other and while you saw me I couldn’t face talking to you…and then you were gone.”

A lesson there I think

I dreamed but I could never find you again to apologise…to give heartfelt meaning to my few words of how bad I treated you. How I behaved was…”

Where is this going?

I would sincerely wish to do nothing else than offer a meal…a drink…both even to apologise personally for my past behaviours. People say no strings but there are none to start with and no I will pay. Please…please…give me this chance – one chance…last chance – to apologise and then nothing else is expected nor asked for. My email address is here … I look forward hopefully rather than expectantly to you saying yes. The venue choice is yours any venue and yes ANY venue and time. I shall leave you to reply if you wish.”

Phew…now what the heck does she want?

The urgent ringing of the retro tone on his mobile interrupted his thoughts and dragged him back to the reality of work – unwillingly.



BDSM Book trial summary/start

23 Apr

Escape from…


“Sorry to see him leave you this way.”

The words seemed almost real. The grave had yet to be filled but the mourners had left leaving just Dave and Di looking down at the fine coffin lying in the hole carrying its burden of earth and flowers.

“Dave, I am surprised you bothered showing at all considering how things had been since you walked out. I mean its not as though you were best friends or anything.”

“The past is the past – maybe we can take up where we were…or at least see if it was the right thing.”

Thoughts of the past flowed through Di’s mind. The relationship had been long and initially at least exciting. The balls, the holidays, the clothes and even getting to ‘know’ each other had been fun…but goodness the sex got boring.

The virginity had been mutual and the losing was almost a right of passage into adulthood and even in the early days Dave had been in no rush to get to bed or the back of the car the graveyard or anywhere at all come to think of it.

Horizontal on her back was how Di recalled its loss. She remembered the introduction of the male member into her moist hole. More fun had been had with her fingers in the bath or the shower than in the bed with Dave.

Sure he was tall, dark haired and blue-eyed. True his manners were impeccable and he never treated her as less than a lady – a fragile, gentle woman who deserved nothing but the best.

Somehow though he never quite got to grips that what she needed…wanted…demanded almost was hard ramming servile mating. To be treated like a slave, someone who was there to please him regardless something…

A wry smile crossed her lips as she remembered the day that things changed.

It was a sunny day – it always seems to be that way she thought – when John looked across the office and smiled.

He was someone who was in the office, of the office but little was known about how he lived outside of the office. Always smart but slightly rumpled, never really saying much, competent yet not outstanding. Almost in many ways a ghost. Saw all, heard everything but said nothing at all.

Things at home had been going beyond boredom almost to whatever was beyond boredom and that day John was passing and, with the usual smile on his face, stopped and looked at her.

“Good afternoon. How goes it?” A standard opening conversation from John that led to the same conversation day in, day out – harmless and monotonous yet friendly and warming in its own way.

“Good thanks John. Much the same. You?” The standard response to the opening gambit.

“Are you sure Di? You are looking a bit, how may I say this without giving offence, tired or bored. Things OK at home?”

Way beyond where this conversation usually went but his deep brown eyes looked helpful but also knowing. How the hell could he know?

“Yes John.” The lie came easy to her lips. The lie she had lived for months now.

“You sure? Its just…well…um…oh nothing.”
“No everything is good.” Somehow his eyes showed he didn’t believe her words. “Well no actually there not but this is not the place to discuss personal stuff.” Hoping the matter was left there she turned back to her screen and the latest set offigures for analysis.

“Tonight after work at the wine bar on the corner. Be there and we’ll talk.” The tone was not one Di had heard before.

“OK” The word had fallen from her lips before she realised she’d said them and John  had gone before she had raised her eyes.

The afternoon passed slowly with more month end figures, reports and queries to be dealt with and the night had drawn in before she realised it was time to leave.

Damn, John and the wine bar. Get there and go home and all will be well – honour even both sides.

The streets were quiet and the lights bright enough to show the way but not to drown the neons that were lighting the restaurants and shops on the way. She was not really dressed for the unseasonably chill spring night that led to goosebumps and chilled her pert breasts until the nipples were erect and pushing against her blouse.

Entering the door of the wine bar she looked seeking her colleague but failing to locate him breathed a sigh and started to turn before John’s voice quietly whispered from behind “I didn’t think you were coming. Drink?”.

“Thank you. White wine would be good.”

With a gentle but firm hand she found herself being guided to a booth. A quiet out of the way place that gave privacy from the rest of the bar.

John returned and set the ball rolling – rather more directly than she had anticipated.

“Things aren’t going well with you and Dave are they? Bored…almost boring.”

Her lip trembled. How the hell had he known? How could he know? Somehow the dam opened.

Di sat and spilled it all. Everything from the toothpaste to the shoes…from the towels to the sheets – especially the sheets and the bedroom.

John stayed quiet and let her speak allowing her feelings to become spent.

She finished.

“And how can I help?” A simple question but one that Di couldn’t answer easilly.

Laughingly “Treat me how I want to be treated. How I’ve just said.” The laughter continued after she had finished.



John’s hand grabbed hers firmly “Done. You want to be treated like a slave. Get your things and we’ll start now.”

Di’s eyes sought his and she could see the intensity within. Somehow the wish to leave and tell him to go to hell just wasn’t there.

“Let me phone Dave and then I’ll start to learn.”

The short phone call allowed the lie to begin – and it came so easily.

The trip via cab was short and quiet. The apartment was in a quiet respectably part of town. The stairwell clean and well maintained.

The door on the first floor was nondescript nothing pointed this flat as being different to any other – anonymous…a bit like John really.

Before going in he heard her say quietly, without menace “This is where you escape from humdrum to being yourself. Your limits will be pushed but your right to say no is there but use it with care. You can turn back now but once through you will start you route to freedom.”

Di nodded. She understood and had been given the chance to leave – somehow he was not the person to be afraid of.

The door was unlocked and swung easily on its hinges revealing a white entrance with prints of tasteful nudes adorning the walls and statues both classical and contemporary throughout.

“Stop.” She took a further pace or two. “I said stop. When I say you will do immediately failing to do so brings punishment. That is your last warning. You are to remove your clothes now and go through into the room ahead of you and stand to attention. Are you clear?”

She nodded.

“I didn’t hear you.”


John walked around her, removed his jacket and shoes before taking a seat on the day bed that was placed so he had both a view of the entrance and also into the room.

Di looked and slowly started to undress.

As she removed her blouse and then her underwear she thought what am I doing? She hesitated but then continued – lets do this. Lets find myself.

Naked and barefoot, her clothes in a neat pile on the chair inside the door she entered the main room with its deep pile carpet and stood.

Somehow she felt relaxed, at ease – easy even.

He stood and walked around her. Commenting on her breasts and her hairless pussy he instructed her to bend forward. “Open your legs a shoulder width apart.”

She moved and leaned forward until a sharp heavy sound sent a vibration through her.

“What the…”


“Just a light punishment for your not doing what you were told.”

His hands rubbed her back and slid down over the still smarting arse cheeks that were reddening from the stingers. His fingers eased slowly down to her thighs and brushed lightly against her lower lips.

She shivered and felt him slowly ease a finger into her.

“Moist and ready. You really do want this loving don’t you?”

Di moved her hips trying to get him deeper.

Johns hand moved prying her lips open. His fingers stroked her inside…slowly at first and then faster easing until he was deep – touching her pussy walls relentlessly.

“Ahh…not there.” Di begged.

John’s thumb had rested against her puckered hole and was pressing seeking entrance.

His hand removed itself from inside swiftly. Placing one hand on her back her arse shuddered as he struck firmly and repeatedly until her arse was on fire.

“It is not for you to decide what is being done. You wanted this…you asked for this but maybe you are really just a lay on your back and open your legs kinda girl. You may as well get dressed and go. I thought more of you.”

John left for the bedroom just off the lounge leaving her bent double hair and tits hanging down with her arse on fire and her pussy moist and feeling incomplete.

Di waited – and thought…quickly.

She knelt – it felt good to not be bending and crawled towards his room. She had to be finished. It was what she wanted.

She saw him watching her crawl towards him. He was naked and sat on the edge of the huge iron framed bed that dominated the room. Heavy iron sconces in the wall that seemed to have little obvious purpose, the lights were bright enough to see by but only where it fell in pools around the ends and middle of the bed leaving shadows around the edges.

His eyes met hers and he smiled. He said nothing but directed her between his legs. Di crawled and placed herself between his legs and bowed her head.

Her lips opened slightly and encompassed the head of his penis. Her tongue circled it slowly at first and then got quicker.

She took it in deeper and then pulled away. She bobbed her head getting slower and lower. Her tongue sought the opening and licked. She pulled off and lifted her head to look at John and saw a wry smile on his face and then returned back to bobbing and tongue. Going deep enough but not too deep. Slow and then quicker.

His breathing deepened and he sought her hair with his hands twinning the strands between the fingers. He tensed.

Di’s head moved forward fast, his dick penetrated her throat as John thrust deep. He pulled out and thrust again Di’s head moving faster as it was penetrated hard and faster.

Oh God don’t let me throw up as John pounded her mouth….

…and then he stopped, stood and moved behind her. Lifting her by her shoulders to her feet he rested her head on the bed edge spreading her arms along the edge of the bed. Reaching to the ends he removed the bands from under and swiftly attached her hands to the ends of the bed.

Her ankles suffered the same treatment.

Now splayed face down she tensed…and then relaxed feeling comfortable as John spoke slowly to her whispering she couldn’t remember what and stroking her back as he had before. His hand now buried itself inside her.

She squirmed.

The feeling of earlier returned and John’s thumb found its way to where it was before. He massaged and then eased slowly into her arse. Slowly but firmly he forced her hole wider…and left it there while his fingers massaged the inside of her pussy pressing through the wall against his thumb.

A sigh escaped her lips as yet again he pulled out. His hands grabbed her hips, his hips thrust hard and his dick was inside her arse. A gasp escaped her lips as a sharp pain replaced the soothing massage she had been having.

John thrust slowly but firmly into her. He pulled out and then drove deep all the way to the hilt. He filled her hole and then pushed ever further squashing her against the bed.

He rested on her back while still deep in her arse.

John spoke.

“And what now my little one…Just what else do you need from me to make you realise just how much you are free from your mundane life?”

Di said nothing. It was too much of a whirl.

Her pussy wet and buzzing.

Her arse aflame outside and inside.

Her mouth and throat having the memory of his knob thrusting ever deeper.

John pulled back and drove harder.


“Do as you will.”

The minute the words escaped her lips she realised what she had said.

“OK toy. Then mine you are.”

© Neil White 2012


The start part 1

9 Aug

‘I will be there in 20 mins’ read the text SHE had received.
God what do I do know? Change, candles, belts, be still my beating heart.
The arrangement had come out of the blue. Oh for sure there had been conversations and texts and comment but with the distance between it was never in HER mind HE ever happen to drop by. But now it did.
HE was driving along the motorway having just been for a dinner and meeting with friends from way back when HE realised that HE was going passed her place. Not exactly HER place you understand but the turn for HER place which was just a few miles further on. HE had never been there before although the local minor town had been a place of visitation when HE ad some guys from college had a drunken weekend of role playing games. RPGs as they were known had figured in college life but now the role playing was going to be over.
The last few yards led into a cul-de-sac, a blank end you know, and HERs was the last house to the left. A small bungalow that until recently SHE had shared with HER husband until the divorce came through leaving HER free to do what she wanted.
A passionate woman she had needs that he had been unable to meet and she felt unable to take on a lover of any description until HE had text out of the blue a short while before.
HE had listened to HER as she told her tale of woe. HE listened to HER as she told of her frustrations. HE listened to HER as she bemoaned the sex live of her friend who received blank texts and then a good screwing later from her married lover in cars, lanes and other places. There was even the offer of HER being invited to join but SHE had never taken it up – but then maybe SHE would soon.
And then the text arrived…’I will be there in 20 mins’
SHE thought of what to wear and changed from her usual clothing. HER mind slipped to the promises that SHE had made and the expression of HERSELF to HIM of what SHE would be like if HE ever arrived. Now we will see if I can do what I want and what I said.
The bell rang.
HER heart jumped with the sharp sound of the familiar announcement of someone at the door. SHE moved slowly brushing down the front of HER loosely fitted top and and leg hugging skirt.
SHE reached forward and turned the latch and saw before HER the person SHE had offered HERSELF to those weeks and texts ago.
‘Hello’ the familiar greeting broke from her lips as her eyes looked HIM in the face.
‘You don’t look at me unless I say’ came the sharp retort.
Flustered SHE looked away to her feet with a mumbled apology.
So this is what SHE meant when SHE had said that SHE had always been submissive and needed her lover whoever he was to keep her in line.
‘Well am I going home or are you inviting me in?’ The unexpected offer of HIM leaving without progressing further made HER realise that this could be the final step before she gave it up.
‘I am waiting…I go and we never speak…I enter and YOU give yourself to ME when how and where I decree. So be quick.’
‘Come in’ The words passed HER lips so quickly that SHE started when SHE realised what she had done. She moved into the house while HE came through the door.
‘Nice top. I love to see YOUR pierced nipples…we may use them later.’
Good SHE thought the floaty gypsy style top worn without a bra attracted HIM and drew the eyes to HER breasts. HE liked them pierced and as a birthday present to HERSELF SHE had gone through the pain of the insertion of heavy rings. Linked to the cloth stroking HER breasts HER nipples stood proud making small tents over the rings.
‘Stop’ HE commanded. ‘Where are you going? You go nowhere without me saying. Come here.’
SHE turned and walked back.
‘Turn around’
SHE obeyed and for some reason HER breath came more heavily. SHE felt HIS hands upon HER shoulders and felt them propel HER towards the wall stopping just as HER face felt it was going to meet with it.
HIS hands moved from HER shoulders to grasp HER hair and pull HER head back until the point of HER chin touched the wall and HER head was tipped backwards almost as though it was going to snap.
‘Let us get things straight here. YOU are here for me. YOU are here to do AS YOU ARE TOLD, WHEN YOU are told HOW YOU are told. YOU are here for MY pleasure NOT I REPEAT NOT the other way around. Remember it is YOU who offered YOURSELF to ME and NOT the other way around. YOU may pull out at any time YOU wish BUT until YOU do YOU are mine to have and to use or abuse as I wish.’
He released HER hair with one hand and SHE felt it slide slowly and gently down HER back seeking SHE knew not what.
The tone in HIS voice eased as HE said ‘Let us see if YOU have done your preparation well.’ HIS hand followed the flare of HER waist gently moving almost spider like seeking the hem of the blouse.
HE is going to get my breast SHE thought as his hand wandered. But no
HIS hand moved on and followed the curve of HER buttock kneading as he went. HIS voice close to HER ear whispered ‘YOU slut you have nothing but a blouse and skirt no underwear, no footwear. Is this how you always dress?’
With that HE took a firmer grip, HIS hand moved of HER buttock and slapped her hard…harder than SHE had been slapped before. So hard HER head snapped back and then forward but was only stopped from damage by the tight taught grip on HER hair.
Having started with the slight slap that had HER smart with the surprise HIS hand reached and raised Her top until her pendulous taught breasts were free. HE found the rings and pulled – just enough to raise a sigh from HER lips but enough to remind HER that SHE had wanted them pierced for HIM and for HIS use,
And SHE was pleased but dare not show it.
Show me the bedroom.’ Made as a statement not an option what could SHE do but guide HIM there. Now, she thought, I may finally resolve to let myself do what I want to do and have wanted to do.
She opened the bedroom door and stepped back. ‘Sir’, HE had never asked to be called this but somehow it just seemed so right, ‘Would you like to enter?’
The room was simple in its layout. Dominated, HE smiled at the thought, by a large double bed with wooden head and foot boards with large orbs on the four short posts. Candles had been lit and were on every surface. The cover of the bed had been smoothed down and on top were neatly arranged the ties and belts and the single vibrator SHE possessed.
‘There are 4 positions you must learn and we will come to them shortly. For now come here.’
She approached with caution and stopped before him. Few words passed as HE placed his hands upon the top SHE had chosen to show that SHE was to be HIS.
HE lifted the front and eased it over HER head resting it half way down HER arms so they were almost pinned behind HER. HE stepped back
‘Fine breasts…Fine piercings..but they need something else’ HE said whilst stroking the breasts and moving slowly to playful tug the nipple rings stretching them slightly. ‘Look at me.’
SHE raised HER eyes as they met HE pulled gently but firmly upon HER present to HERSLEF for him. HER breasts stretched as the nipples pulled further away and the cones, like a Madonna bra, became stretched tight. Gradually the pain for HER raised and SHE felt HERSELF moving towards HIM when HE released HIS grip and SHE rocked back slowly on HER feet.
The swift firm slaps to HER breasts as SHE moved left light red marks where HIS hands had struck.
SHE moved to cover HER breasts but stopped as HIS hands forced Hers to the side of HER body and once again SHE met with further slaps each increasing the redness and seeming to excite HIM to slap harder.
HE smiled.
SHE looked and smiled.
And HE struck again.
‘Just a little warm up.’
‘4 positions you must learn and drop into elegantly whenever YOU are told by ME or by those I offer YOU to. Don’t fret’, HE had seen the fear across HER face,’ only when I am ready will YOU be offered and initially only with ME there.’
‘Position Number 1 YOU will kneel place your forehead upon the floor stretch your arms wide. Your legs will not be together. Show me.’
A rapid tattoo of slaps across the smarting breasts indicated that this might be a good move.
Adopting the position HE walked around making adjustments. Coming around behind HIS hand slid up slowly along HER knee and thigh until meeting HER moist almost overflowing slit HE slid a finger in.
HE smiled.
‘You really are easy to get aroused. Maybe WE should invite your friend to join in’
HE pulled his finger glistening and damp from HER nether lips and turned HIS hand forcing HER legs wider.
‘You know I think this would be better without this skirt.’ Grasping the band and forcefully ripping down the seam the garment fell leaving HER in the right position.
‘This position’, HE went on.’ Is good for fucking YOU in the pussy or cunt or whatever YOU want to call it and also for fucking YOU in the arse. Have YOU ever been had there?’
No response.
‘I asked you a question.’
Still no response
Slapping HER hard…VERY hard…. leaving an imprint of HIS hand. HE repeated the question
‘’ SHE answered
‘Then YOU will lose that virginity before today is finished.’
Before SHE got to finish the cry of ‘no’ HIS hands had reddened HER behind again.
‘YOU do not have a choice…it will happen today.’
‘Position number 2 if we may get on with YOUR education.’
‘This is simpler…the same position but on your back with your knees raised but wide apart. This leaves YOUR mouth and fanny open for pleasuring those who wish and it leaves YOUR breasts available for whatever people wish to use them for. Demonstrate.’
SHE moved into the position with ease.
HE stood over HER and smiled. A candle from the surface was in HIS hand as HE looked in HER face and smiled. HE turned and slowly tipped the excess wax freshly warmed over HER breasts. Placing the still lighted candle down HE took another and the wax dropped upon HER hair covered mound.
SHE sighed and felt the warmth move through HER.
‘YOU may wish to shave those off because its a lot less painful than pulling them off with the wax.’ He smiled.
‘Position number 3. Easy this one but difficult to hold. On all 4s but with your head raised. Legs again open. You must realise that YOUR legs can never be together. This makes you available for your arse, pussy and mouth. YOU will swallow of course, to be used as one or more…’, SHE swallowed hard – there may be more than one SHE thought to HERSELF…,’ persons may wish. Its also good for those that like watching tits swing. We can of course add weights to those rings which seems to make people feel even more like fucking.’
‘But I don’t do swallowing.’ This statement took HIM by surprise. ‘YOU do now.’ The harshness of the surprise shook HER.
Was this really what SHE wanted? The answer wasn’t long in coming. Yes this is for me the pleasure of submitting is for me.
‘Position 4. Really a serving position. Kneel and sit on your ankles, arms are to be at your side and bent at the elbow to make a right angle. You are to look forward with your mouth open. This means you can clean shoes and be used in the mouth. Your hands serve as tables for drinks or for ashtrays.’
The sequence of 4 simple positions made HER feel comfortable in HER nakedness. The glow of HER behind started to ease as HE ordered ‘STAND’
SHE obeyed swiftly.
Similarly swiftly obeyed.
‘Now you have learnt the 4 positions for starters… let us see your response to this.’
The ties and belts had been gathered and standing with HER legs astride SHE heard the swish as they caught HER breasts.
‘These will not scar’ as he wielded them across HER belly and breasts striking with a steady tempo ‘but they do so liven the skin.’
The redness of the striking had turned the skin towards the colour of her nipples.
‘The good thing’ HE said whilst plying another round of ties lashes, ‘ is that the heat can be cooled.’ The conversation stopped as HIS head leant to HER breast and slowly his tongue soothed her breast. The coolness of HIS moist lips settling the heat but the raising of sensitivity made her groan a little. His head moved to cover her nipple whilst his other hand sought the one left alone. She wobbled on her legs and tried to look down but dare not. This was good.
HIS teeth crushed down and pulled just behind the piercing whilst his nails dug deep into her flesh.
The sharp intake of breath made him smile as HE swapped to the other breast.

The beginning

4 Aug

It is here…my own start to showing some of my limited body of work.

It may be erotic or porn or both but it is something ‘what I wrote’

Cumming soon

Hello world!

4 Aug

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